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15 February 2006

Hungary Home and Business Directory 1892

Janos Kocs of Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna, Romania announces the publication of Indicateur des Noms et Domiciles Des Commercants et Industriels de le Hongrie - 1892. It consists of individual images of each page of the original publication.

The publication includes sections covering the lives and activities of those living in Hungary this pre-World War I era including information in and about . . . "Budapest, the Countryside, Croatia and Slavonia, Fiume, General Info, and Advertising." Kocs says that, "These documents are in addition to our obituary series and will give descendents a picture of life in 1892 Hungary. It is being published for the first time on the Internet."

The advertising section is particularly interesting with promotional materials submitted by distilleries, bakers, banks, blacksmiths, boot makers, cartwrights, coach builders, comb makers, coopers, feather dealers, horse dealers, rag and bone men, saddlers, soap makers, tinkers, and weavers.

"We are happy that Janos has decided to make this information available. This type of publication is one of those that can make a family tree come alive - much more than dates and places could ever do. There are over 450 pages and most of the people mentioned have been added to FamilyTrackers' world-wide index so that they can be searched accurately. Others are being indexed by our team of indexers." according to Gene Hall, CEO of FamilyTrackers.

All publications at FamilyTrackers are included in one master index so that genealogists only need to enter and save a search; then the system returns a list of publications and resources that can help. Searches include criteria for surname, exact location, and time frame so that results are accurate. Existing FamilyTrackers members have already been notified of matches to their previous searches. According to Hall, "If you enter a search for one of the surnames above and don't get a hit, that just means that the surname is outside the geographic area or time frame that you have defined. It may also mean that the surname has not been indexed yet and FamilyTrackers will notify you as soon as a valid match is made for your search."

FamilyTrackers is a world-wide genealogy exchange located at . . . http://www.familytrackers.com.ro/ The company offers services to genealogists, genealogical & historical societies, professional genealogists, and transcribers & indexers. Membership and searches are free at FamilyTrackers. Individual items are priced by the publisher - usually less than the cost of copies and postage. The company also sells subscriptions to its online family tree application to members who opt to track their findings in that way.

Janos Kocs is a professional genealogist who provides loca lookups, family tracing, photography, document scanning, translation and local guide services to genealogists interested in Romania, Transylvania, and parts of Hungary. He specializes in Romanian archive research in Covasna, Brasov, Mures and Sibiu counties which includes Catholic, Reformed, Unitarian, and Jewish communities. Janos is fluent in Hungarian, Romanian, and English and can be contacted at kocs@rdsbv.ro.


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