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FamilyTrackers Publications

29 December 2005

FamilyTrackers Announces Affiliate Program

Gene Hall, CEO of FamilyTrackers, Inc. announced today that the company has developed an affiliate program aimed at genealogical societies, professional genealogists, and individuals who have a genealogy web site. "Our program recognizes the long-term value of customers and that is why our affiliates will receive revenue for every purchase made by their referrals during their first year of membership," according to Hall.

An affiliate will earn 10% on all purchases made by FamilyTrackers members who were referred by the affiliate. In addition to publications distributed by the company, members can subscribe to an online application to track their family tree. Hall said that, "This program is ideal for local genealogical and historical societies who want to earn a little money to offset their costs while providing an important service to their members and visitors to their site."

Individuals and organizations interested in an affiliation with FamilyTrackers can sign up at the site and receive the html code needed to place a link on their site. Different images and links are available depending on the affiliate's target market and needs.

FamilyTrackers is a world-wide genealogy exchange located at http://www.familytrackers.com/. The company offers services to genealogists, genealogical & historical societies, professional genealogists, and transcribers & indexers.


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