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02 December 2005

Have Family Photos With Unknown People? Here's Some Help

A new service announced by FamilyTrackers will allow you to drag and drop your family photo directly into their FilmLoop that appears on the FamilyTrackers home page at http://www.familytrackers.com/.

Thousands of FamilyTrackers members will see your photo and perhaps someone will be able to help you.

It's easy and free. Go to the FamilyTrackers web site and click the scrolling photos near the bottom left of the screen to join the loop (or go directly to the loop at http://invite.filmloop.com/x?/Sgadt0aHzLKR7T9PTEEYX4uM2yDXkNk). Follow the directions (only two clicks) to set yourself up as a member of the loop. You can then drag your photos directly into the loop and they will appear instantly on our site so that other people can see them.

If you see someone you know, you can click the photo and leave a comment for the owner of the photo. Check back to see if someone has identified your relative.

FamilyTrackers, Inc. is a private corporation located in Mountain View, California. The company's web site is a world genealogy exchange set up to help people connect with their families, genealogy societies, professionals, and public records.

FamilyTrackers, Inc.
1075-239 Space Park Way
Mountain View, CA 94043


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