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16 December 2005

Easy Publishing on FamilyTrackers

Have you thought about sharing your research with others? Like to do lookups? Publish on FamilyTrackers and reach a world-wide audience. It is quick and easy.
  1. Sign up for a FamilyTrackers account (or login to your existing account)
  2. Click the Add a Publication link and enter the basic information
  3. Upload a scanned image or transcription
  4. Enter or upload the index to your item (or offer it to a FamilyTrackers Indexer)
You always control pricing and copyrights. Some of our publishers want to distribute for free and some want to charge. If you charge, we mark up your charges to cover our costs - usually less than copy and mailing costs. If you offer items for free, we distribute for free.

You can do large projects or individual lookups. We will promote your work among our members and automatically link you up with people who are looking for the persons mentioned in your publication. We automatically close deals for you, send your sales proceeds via PayPal, and deliver your publication to the buyer. It couldn't be easier.



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