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FamilyTrackers Publications

16 December 2005

Langenegger Family Data from Switzerland

FamilyTrackers has recently acquired some information that covers the Langenegger name from Langnau, Bern, Switzerland. These documents are in German and include births and marriages of people named Langenegger from the mid 1500s to the late 1600s. Many other local names are mentioned on the pages as well.

You have to love the Swiss as they kept records so far back and they include maiden names of wives both on the marriage and on the birth records. Many of the items are being indexed so that they can be found. Enter a search at familytrackers.com and the system will notify you when a matching person is found.

Do you read German? These documents are available for any person to index. Indexers share in all future sales of items at FamilyTrackers.


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